Logan Police would like to remind everyone that there are steps you can take to limit the chances of becoming a victim of fraud, as well as the potential damage it may cause or financial loss.

To avoid becoming a victim of credit and debit card fraud, you can:

  • Personally collect a new or replacement card from your bank or financial institution
  • Ensure you keep your credit and debit card secure
  • If you lose your wallet or purse, notify your bank immediately to protect your accounts
  • Never keep your PIN number with your card
  • When using an ATM, be aware of anyone standing close by or watching over you
  • Take steps to conceal the keypad when you enter your PIN
  • When paying for goods or services at a point of sale, do not allow your debit or credit card out of your sight.

It is important that you carefully check all transactions on your banking and credit card accounts each month to monitor for potential fraudulent transactions.

Be aware of what you can do to protect yourself by familiarising yourself the ABCs of fraud prevention.

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