It has come to police attention that many drivers are failing to stop and are only looking to the right to check for oncoming traffic at the stop signs at the intersection of Rochedale Road and Vanessa Boulevard in Springwood, adjacent to the ambulance station.

This has already resulted in several near misses with ambulances attempting to leave the station.

These stop signs serve the very important function to stop traffic at the intersection and allow the ambulances to drive out of the station without fear of someone coming around the corner without looking ahead.

The road rules require a driver to stop as near as practical to, but before reaching the stop line. This means each car needs to approach and stop at the line. You can’t just follow the car in front because you stopped behind them.

The penalty for failing to stop at a stop sign is $400 and three demerit points. It’s hefty, but not as bad as driving into the side of an ambulance.

Make an effort to adequately stop at signed stop signs and have a good look out for oncoming traffic, especially emergency service vehicles.

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility, but that starts with you.

If you have a local issue, you can contact your local police for advice on how it can be addressed.

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