National Road Safety Week 2021 came to an end yesterday, but the lasting impact of the week’s events and achievements have sparked a renewed focus on road safety nationwide.

Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport Scott Buchholz congratulated the work of Peter Frazer, the SARAH Group (Safer Australian Roads and Highways) and all those involved in bringing road safety to the front of all Australians’ minds.

“Since founding National Road Safety Week in 2013, Peter Frazer and the SARAH Group continue to work tirelessly promoting road safety to save lives on our roads – with a key focus on protecting our most vulnerable road users,” Assistant Minister Buchholz said.

“That is why each day during this week a specific theme was highlighted, such as caring for vulnerable road users, driving so others survive in both the country and the city, and protecting first responders and others who protect us by slowing down and giving the space they need to stay safe.

“The lasting light shone on road safety throughout this week was a welcome reminder to all of us to think about how we can actively protect each other on the roads to ensure we all get home safely to our loved ones – no matter where we live or how we commute.

“Importantly, it also gave us the time to honour and remember the 1,200 lives lost on our roads each year, the thousands who are seriously injured, and the countless families and friends affected by the devastating impacts of road deaths and lifelong injuries.

“Many Australians would have seen and engaged with the many high-profile landmarks that were lit up in yellow during the week to remember those lost on our roads and to remind us to look after ourselves, our passengers and others while driving.”

Mr Buchholz said this week also provided a timely reminder that more needs to be done to prevent deaths on Australian roads.

“One huge take away from this week is that each and every one of us has a vital role to play to promote road safety behaviour and prevent crashes on our roads,” Assistant Minister Buchholz said.

“Any death on our roads is one too many, which is why the Australian Government continues to play its part investing in and leading our nation on a path to achieve Vision Zero by 2050.

“We continued to demonstrate this through the 2021-22 Federal Budget, which saw an additional $1 billion for the now $3 billion Road Safety Program, extending the Program to 2022-23.

“Our Government is also supporting the SARAH Group with $100,000 in funding under the $4 million Road Safety Awareness Fund.

“The next National Road Safety Strategy 2021–2030, to be finalised in the coming months, will set the national direction to deliver significant reductions in road trauma to help achieve Vision Zero.

“But we know the only way to reduce deaths on our roads and achieve this vision is to have all levels of government and indeed all Australians working together, which is why initiatives such as National Road Safety Week are absolutely critical.

“I want to thank Peter Frazer, the SARAH Group, staff, volunteers and every Australian who took some time in the week to honour and remember those lives lost, take the pledge to drive so others survive, engage with the week’s events and of course who champion road safety every day.”

Renewed Focus on Saving Road Users Lives

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