August included Road Safety Week which was used by emergency services to promote being always safe behind the wheel.

Police officers from Logan Central station, local Queensland Fire and Emergency Service crews and Harvey’s Towing set up base inside the carpark of Logan Central Plaza during Road Safety Week to give locals a chance to talk with them about best practices on the streets.

Figures up to 21 August 2022, shows that there have been 193 road fatalities in Queensland. Of that, 100 drivers, 31 passengers, 43 motorcycle riders/pillions, 1 cyclist and 18 pedestrians have been killed.

Of these 193 fatalities, it is 12 fatalities (or 6.6%) greater than the same period for the previous year and 35 fatalities (or 22.3%) greater than the previous five-year average for the same period.

Some of the scary numbers that are often overlooked are hospitalisations. During 1 January to 31 December 2021, there were 7,851 hospitalised casualties which is 846 (or 12.1%) greater than the previous year and 1,115 (or 16.5%) greater than the previous five-year average.


The Logan event included a driving simulator which gave people the opportunity to use a mobile phone, read and wear beer goggles to see how dangerous these situations can be behind the wheel. Everyone that tried, failed.

Fire and rescue personnel spoke of what they see at traffic crashes and how being distracted can end in disaster. They were also showing some of the equipment used at crash scenes.  

Harvey’s Towing displayed a crashed motorcycle which was a shocking example of want happens to bikes during a crash. Harvey’s also displayed their first truck which has been fully restored in house.

Increased penalties for dangerous driving behaviours came into effect from July 1 this year. Penalties of $1078 and 4 demerit points now apply to drivers and passengers not wearing a correctly fitted seatbelt or correctly fitted child restraint.


A $1,033 fine and four demit points for using a mobile phone illegally while driving. This includes when you’re stopped at traffic lights or stopped in traffic.

The Fatal Five – Speeding – Drink and Drug driving – Lack of Seatbelts – Fatigue – Driver Distraction

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