The election results are coming in for the divisions, but it was easy to see early in the count who was going to be the councillor for division three.

Although now declared, at the end of the day after the election, Sunday March 17, Cr Mindy Russell had around 85 per cent of the vote, although she was not counting her chickens at that point.

“In local government, the only real polling that occurs is at election time,” said Cr Russell.

“While I felt confident that I have done the work over the term, there is always that question in the back of my mind that perhaps I haven’t promoted it widely enough. I didn’t know that I had an opponent until the last minute, but I always planned to campaign as if I had competition, so I was prepared.”

The final declared results were: Mindy Russell – 84.16% and Kahil Evans – 15.84%.

2024 was Cr Russell’s second campaign, after her successful 2020 win, and while she had a better understanding of what to do, there were new rules to follow.

“In some ways I found it easier, as I had a much better idea of what I was doing,” said Cr Russell.

“There is a great deal of legislation that is important to understand and adhere to. On the flip side, I took leave to campaign full time in 2019-2020, yet this time I needed to fit these activities between my responsibilities as councillor.”

Although working in and for the community, talking with every resident is hard due to workloads and sorting issues that arise.

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with so many residents who I met during the last election and worked with over the past four years,” said Cr Russell.

“Strangely, there were some people who I only met face-to-face at the polls, even though we’ve known one another quite well and have achieved a lot together. There were many hugs shared.”

With four years ahead, there is plenty to be done and Cr Russell is already back at it.

“A message that I’ve taken from this election is that I’m on the right track and focusing on the community’s priorities,” Cr Russell said.

“I’d like to continue in this work, but with developed skills and more confidence. I’m a strong believer in the importance of connected communities, so a large part of this will include further investment in impressive public spaces that feel like home and supporting the improvement of sporting facilities for our young people.

“More than anything, I would love to thank my neighbours across division three for giving me a go in 2020, then entrusting me a second time to best represent their needs and hopes for the city’s future.

I’ve lived here for almost all my life and am incredibly proud of the area’s positive, supportive culture. I look forward to working with such amazing people for another four years.” 

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