The world’s oldest and best-loved pilot is urging others to download Energex’s free Look Up and Live app to plan safe work near powerlines.  

Santa Claus will be checking it twice before commencing his Australian run on 24 December.

“Technology has come a long way since I first took to the skies and with the Look Up and Live app I can now check the location of 1.7 million poles and 178,000 kilometres of overhead powerlines before I take off and land in Queensland,” said Mr Claus.

“I need to keep my crew of reindeer safe and deliver millions of presents as efficiently as I can within a small window, so this app is an excellent tool to plan one of the world’s most challenging logistical exercises.

“I highly recommend Energex’s Look Up and Live app for anyone who’s flying near powerlines at Christmas or any time of year,” Mr Claus said.

The presents in Santa’s sack have also become more hi-tech in recent years and there’s an increasing number of drones under the Christmas tree.

“Whether you’re using a drone, flying a kite or holding on to a helium balloon, you need to Look Up and Live because if these things contact powerlines you could be putting yourself or someone else in danger.

“Trampolines are another popular gift that can end up in powerlines in strong winds, so make sure you secure yours when storm clouds are on the horizon.

“’tis the season to be jolly, so we don’t want to see anyone hurt,” Santa said.

A safety-conscious pilot who loves red and white, Santa said he was a big fan of rotamarkers in high-traffic areas.

“These spinning powerline markers are designed to grab your attention and of course I love the fact that they’re in my very merry signature colours – red and white.” 

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