A new 40km/h school zone has gone in seemingly unnoticed by most and it is sure to catch out drivers.

Although school only has today left before holidays, when term three starts, many may still have no idea of the new limit.

Paradise Road at Slacks Creek has been a 60km/h road for decades and despite having schools on either side, it has always been 60km/h.

Now, from just past the Ampol service station to just past the fence line of the schools, a 40 zone is now in place.

While there is painting on the road and new 40km/h signs, many drivers are either ignoring the signs or just have not see them as most drivers are not slowing down.

Being a state-controlled road, Logan City Council are not involved, and the state government has not made mention.

The standard operating times for this school zone on Paradise Road, Slacks Creek is 7am–9am and 2pm–4pm.

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