It’s refreshing to see that Logan special schools are going back to old school teachings with a vast array of book reading and staying away from digital technology.  The kids are learning from writing boards and using symbol books and signing to communicate with their classmates and teachers.

Electronics have been placed into the background of classrooms and restricted to 10 minutes per student.

Seeing the kids do lots more hands-on writing with pencils and paper is a refreshing thing for the parents to see.

One parent said that seeing this kind of learning bought back into mainstream schools is what our children need.

“Technology is all well and good for business and workplaces but in our schools, we should still be teaching reading, writing and maths without technology being used.”

Teaching kids on laptops has really reduced the writing standards to below average. While typing is now the in thing, how many school children could honestly sit down and write a 1000-word essay like older generations used to on paper. This helps with spelling as there is no auto correct or spell check, meaning the kids must think harder on what words they use and how they are spelt.

Logan City Special School is one of the schools giving many children the learning of yesteryear. The children are surely going to benefit from this in years to come.

Logan City Special School take the students out of the classroom and have reading in the gardens where it is interactive and keeps the children involved. It also allows students of different education levels to feel comfortable and able to learn at their own pace.

Bringing back the systems that taught past students how to read and write without technology and show them how to build resilience to the world of today is a real education.

Social media is all to misleading and cyber bullying is all too often.

Getting back to being a family and sitting down reading books, handwriting letters, and doing journals of their day builds better people.

These are thing that have gone out but should be bought back in.

Photo from Logan City Special School’s Facebook Page

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