In 1975, a cluster of local residents banded together to create a group that could do something that hadn’t yet been done in the Logan area.

They had a dream to create a wonderful space for seniors to be able to go and seek advice on a range of ageing issues without having to deal with government bureaucracy.

The Logan Area Committee of the Ageing or as it’s more commonly known, LACOTA, was formed and has grown over time to help numerous amounts of seniors along the way.

The group is based in the Logan Central Community Centre with the facility seeing hundreds of birthday celebrations, weddings, community town hall meetings over its time. However, its crowning achievements are the activities that quietly happen there week after week for the enjoyment and activation of our seniors. 

From belly dancing and chair aerobics and yoga to garden club meetings and indoor bowls, the centre has indoor physical activities covered.  But it also hosts a range of other activities including the learn a craft, Probus Club, and other arty type activities.


LACOTA’s aim is to promote and assist mental, physical, social, and spiritual wellbeing of the residents of Logan. They base their core values on client service, integrity, respect, and dignity and by way of collaborative learning to ensure responsive and accountable service to the people of Logan City.

Their vision is for a strong community where all people are safe, valued and empowered, no matter what their situation is.

Over the past 48 years, LACOTA has helped thousands of local seniors negotiate the hardships associated with ageing. From packages to Centrelink, accessing home services and running educational programs, the centre is a highly valued asset in the community.

The team from LACOTA has been long lived with decades of service and volunteer time going into the running of programs, maintenance of the hall and servicing of units that LACOTA run as a not for profit.

Under the guidance of Presidents of the past, LACOTA has grown into a driving force in the community.


In July, the team at LACOTA lost their President Jean Prior. Jean’s knowledge of social services was unsurpassed and her advocacy for programs to be run from the hall was excellent. This happened just prior to the team’s annual mid-year celebration of Christmas in July.

It was decided that the best way to celebrate Jean’s life and to show respect for all that she has done, was to continue with the event that she very much loved.

Vice President Carol, now acting President, and her team worked their way through grief to ensure the event was a hit. They also kept the group going, maintaining vital services to seniors in Logan.

The party was almost sold out and the day proved to be one that was needed for the team to help celebrate a friend they now miss.


There were people from all over Logan in attendance with some only in their 30’s. Many of the members created festive hats as part of a competition and they really made the party feel Christmassy for the day.  

These hats were judged with two men and two women taking out the best hats but everyone that attended were winners. The raffle prizes were donated by many different groups and individuals from around the city.

While the event had a slight sombre mood, everyone enjoyed the day, and many were able to make a lot of new friends.

If you would like more information on LACOTA activities or services, please contact them on 3290 0088.

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