The 2024 Local Government Elections will be held on Saturday, 16 March 2024 and candidates have started to announce their intentions to run.

Today at Crestmead Community Park under light rainfall, long-time local and Macarthy Fair Take Away owner Sovannary Uk launched his campaign to be a councillor for Logan City Council in Division 5.

“Councillor Jon Raven announced that he would run for Mayor of Logan City, and I have known Jon for many years and would like to continue his good work,” Sovannary said.

“Today, I want to announce that I will be nominating for Councillor for Division 5 in next year’s Council elections.

Sovannary Uk and Family
Sovannary Uk and Family

“My wife and I have worked hard every day for over 20 years to build our life in Logan. Our home is here, our family is here, and our friends are here.

“This community helped me build a new life, and now it is my turn to step up and repay your support and your friendship. As your councillor, I will work hard for you every day.

“I will need your support and your vote to get there. I can’t do it alone,” he said.

Some of the areas Sovannary is passionate about and will be using while campaigning are crime, transport, and recreation.

“Crime – I plan to work closely with police and advocate for increased lighting and CCTV to make our area safer. I will work with planning and the community to develop strategies to reduce hooning (traffic calming in areas that request it),” Sovannary said.

Sovannary Uk
Sovannary Uk

“Transport – We need good East – West links in Logan so our kids can get to school and you can get to where you need to go

“Recreation – Locals have been telling me for years that our kids don’t have enough things to do after school. I am committed to creating places where teenagers can spend time with friends after school and on the weekend to keep out of trouble.

“We have bored kids who are looking for things to do in the afternoon and on weekends, but they can’t get anywhere because the transport links going to shopping centres and schools are underdeveloped in Marsden and especially East-West, so these children wander the streets and some cause trouble, which because of underserviced areas without CCTV and lighting, our police can’t catch those who do our city harm.”

You can keep up to date with his campaign and find out more by going to and follow the links to his social media.

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