Art is an equaliser because anyone can do it as it is fully interpretive and the students at Logan City Special School have created works of art that are no on display.

Logan Central Plaza has created the Community Art Gallery in the middle of the centre. The Gallery showcases the incredible talents of students from Prep to Year 10 who have taken on an artistic journey, experimenting with different materials and techniques to create stunning works of art.

Each student created their masterpiece using their own personal style, voice, and expression and there is a lot of creativity, passion, and talent on display in the Gallery.

From intricate paintings to captivating sculptures, every piece is unique and offers an insight into the imagination of the young artists.

Every work of art in the Gallery is entirely student-driven from the initial concept to the execution of the piece, each student has demonstrated a strong sense of self, honed their skills and produced an emotive and personal masterpiece.

The Gallery showcases the importance of art education and how it can enrich and inspire young minds. Logan Central Plaza and Logan City Special School should be applauded for creating this wonderful initiative, providing the students with a platform to share their creative talents with the wider community.

The Community Art Gallery is a must-see for anyone looking for a creative and inspiring experience. Don’t miss your chance to view these magnificent works of art, which serve as a testament to the potential and passion of the next generation.

Photo thanks to Logan Central Plaza

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