The perfect little gift can be hard to find in a normal retail shop and waiting till the markets can be painful as there is no guarantee a vendor will be there.

Look no further than the Slacks Creek Progress Hall on Barbaralla Drive Springwood which is home to the city’s permeant perfect little craft market.

Formally known as the Kingston Butter Factory Arts and Crafts for over 30 years, the now renamed Butter Factory Arts and Crafts Inc., founded by Kathy Windsor, has all the handmade one-off items that you will not find elsewhere.

Kathy started out in Mayes Cottage in Kingston in 1988. She was working with a husband-and-wife team, but they moved on and the Kingston Butter Factory Arts and Crafts not-for-profit was started.

The group has had a few places to call home, however in April 2021 Slacks Creek Progress Hall became their permanent home and the new name was adopted.

The quaint little hall has so much room for all the handcrafted pieces to be displayed with a garden area out the back to relax in.

Butter Factory Craft Items
Butter Factory Craft Items

The idea of the shop is an indoor handcraft market were only one person makes a particular craft item which allows different arts and crafts to share the space.

As you enter the shop you step back in time with all the handmade merchandise everywhere. The intricate details are the first thing you notice as you stroll through the numerous tables and shelves.

They have that perfect gift for everyone, and the items are reasonably priced. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the shop, Kathy and her team do special orders and may be able to make the perfect gift for you.

While you are adventuring through, take time out and sit down for an amazing cup of tea and a scone. The ladies can cater for groups of up to 20 and it makes a great little escape and Logans real little treasure chest.

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