By Lee McKenzie McKinnon

In 2021 there was a noise being made around the Beenleigh suburb about a burger that made people turn away in disgust and horror.

Unfortunately, we missed it that year but in 2022 the 4207 legend Chappy Nick and I found out this special burger was being offered on Australia Day. With our love of everything Australian, and food, we decided it was worth giving it a go no matter the panic in other people’s eyes.

The Bull ‘n’ Barra Restaurant at Club Beenleigh is the place to go to get this Aussie monstrosity and they are doing it only for Australia Day.

This tasty atrocity has double Angus beef, double cheese, smokey bacon rashers, house made Lamington, tomato sauce and tangy mustard with a serve of crispy fries.

While it is a little different in what is included on the burger to what we tried, it is still one hell of a joy ride for your tongue.

Lamington Burger 2023
Lamington Burger 2023

If you can bring yourself to place the order and dare to live this Australia Day, when you hang a fang in for your first bite, you will not be disappointed as it is like I was eating Australian pride.

Aussie beef wrapped in an Aussie cake; how could things be any more Australian?

Show your Australian pride this Australia Day and “Give it a go!”

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