The team from Living in Logan have created an all-new online talk show to talk about all things Logan. The show, The Talk About Logan Show, will feature special guests from all walks of life from gamers, musicians, politicians, sports persons and many more.

“Talking to people from Logan is a lot of fun and getting to talk to them and share their stories with others is wonderful,” said host Lee McKenzie McKinnon.

“Dan was our first interview, and he was wonderful to sit and chat with. He was funny and had many more stories than what he told.

“He was also great to be our first guest and helped us get some bugs sorted. He was patient and while we have room for improvement, the interview went really well.

“I have to thank the production team who do awesome work and I look forward to filming with them some more this month.”

The show is pre-recorded in a Logan studio and the interviews will be released over the coming months.

“If you want to follow the upcoming videos and other cool features, jump onto our Facebook pages and be sure to subscribe to Living in Logan on YouTube,” said Lee.

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