Thailand is often referred to as ‘the Land of Smiles’ and is renowned for the welcoming and warm disposition of its culture and people.

The same can be said about eating a meal at Daisy Thai because the smiles on the faces of diners begins as soon as the first dish arrives at the table.

One of the most distinctive features of Thai food is its complex flavour profile. Thai cuisine is a harmonious blend of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavours, creating a symphony of tastes in every dish. The combination of these flavours is what makes Thai food so addictive and mouth-watering.

Our recent trip to Daisy Thai at Chatswood Central Shopping Centre was an exciting experience as my friend had never eaten Thai food. While she has eaten Chinese and some Japanese food, Thai was new and different.

Daisy Thai
Daisy Thai

Thai cuisine heavily relies on fresh ingredients that are readily available in local markets. The use of fresh herbs and spices is what gives Thai food its vibrant, bold, and fresh flavours and Daisy Thai is one that has plenty of fresh dishes.

We started the meal off with an appetizer of Deep-Fried Sesame Prawns Toasted and it was exciting to see no grease on the plate with the toast being light and fluffy.

For mains, it was Thai Fried Rice with chicken, Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable, Tofu, Crispy Pork and Oyster Sauce and Pad Thai with pork.

While I know we had a lot of pork, it was worth it, they do have other options such as beef, seafood, chicken and more.

The dishes were served share style and they smelt wonderful and looked amazing. The best part was yet to come, the taste. It was delightful. Fresh, hot, sweet, savory with plenty of spices and none of the burn heat.

Daisy Thai
Daisy Thai

Having not eaten before our late lunch, there was thought in the brain that the plates would be devoured. This was not the case and as luck has it, Daisy Thai gives containers to take the remaining food home.

Daisy Thai is open for lunch and dinner, and they also have takeaway and online ordering. It’s great to dine in as this little restaurant helps bring peace, and a full belly, to your busy day.

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