The weekend is always a good time for pizza and ribs, well so is any day that ends in y, but after a busy day, nothing beats the ease of quality pizza.

There are plenty of deals for the fast food, so called pizza joints, but they lack quality and taste and while cheap, not one bit satisfying.

The Hills Pizzeria in Daisy Hill is one of the best pizzas on the southeast side of Logan and that’s because they take pride in their food.

Sam Aiyach started the business in April 2011 and worked their everyday until he sadly passed away in October 2023. For more than a decade The Hills Pizzeria have had the recipe for success, and it is clear to see, and taste, why.

The family business is still working hard, and they were taught well because the pizza is thick, juicy, and full of flavour.

The Hills Pizzeria
The Hills Pizzeria

From the first bite to the crust, each mouthful keeps you wanting more as every bite is a little bit different. The soft dough and meaty pieces at the pointy end of the triangle, followed by the delicious sauce that is not overpowering, to the curved end when you hit the crust and the charred bits of ham give a crunch that you were not expecting.

When the last mouthful is done, you can’t wait to pick up the next and start that food journey all over again. But then you remember that you have ribs too.

Coated in a light tangy BBQ sauce with the meat ready to fall off the bone, the ribs are ready to be devoured. And to help mop up some of that extra sauce, are boiled potatoes that are perfect for a mouthfeel change.

There are plenty of options for toppings and you can add extras to make it special just for you. Add in some garlic bread, or a pasta and your dinner is set. There are even different size pizzas for those who want to not share to those with many guests.

With friendly staff that want to help you save money with deals and a smile, The Hills Pizzeria is the place to go for the best non-Italian style traditional pizza.

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