The good problem to have in the City of Logan is the amount of Chinese and Vietnamese takeaways to choose from. One place has you covered as it is a mixture of both.

Viet’s Brothers Shailer Park is on Bryants Road next to Subway and offers a large menu with many of the classics, favourites, and some new things to try.

I was feeling like the Vietnamese dish of Pho and when I saw they have it on the menu in a few varieties, I knew I was heading there for lunch.

My offsider had never eaten Pho before, let alone used chopsticks, so I knew it was going to be an interesting meal.

For an entrée we started with some classis Sesame Prawn Toast. This is a classic Chinese/Australian food, and we don’t seem to care if it is greasy, just as long as it’s fried. To my surprise, this was lacking the grease but was extremely delicious.

It wasn’t long after we polished off the toast that our Pho came out, and boy was I looking forward to having this.

For those that don’t know what Pho is, Pho is a Vietnamese soup dish consisting of broth, rice noodles, herbs, and meat. And it is a big bowl of wonderfulness.

I order the more traditional Pho, beef, while my counterpart had the chicken. Both arrived in large bowls with steam poring from the broth and a smell that was making my mouth water.

Prawn Toast
Prawn Toast

Given chopsticks and an Asian soup spoon, I delicately yet hurriedly dove into the broth to taste that rich flavour cross my tongue. It was such a magical moment.

I then got in there with the chopsticks and found all the wonderful rice noodles sitting patiently waiting for me on the bottom of the bowl. I was in Pho heaven.

Watching my friend trying Pho for the first time was exciting and they were not disappointed. The chicken broth was just as full of flavour as the beef, and it packed a punch of different tangs for the tastebuds.

If the food wasn’t good enough, and I can tell you it was, having a show at the same time was great. Seeing my friend using chopsticks for the first time was great. They did eventually get the hang of it.

The Pho was filling and satisfying, but the overall mean was light and we certainly didn’t leave there bloated like many places.

I will be going back to try more of the Pho’s and many of the other wonderful items on the menu.

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