Sitting on the edge of the Logan River in Waterford, lays a wonderful dining experience that is hard to beat as from the moment you walk in the experience begins.

The White House of Waterford has become a household name with locals and many others travel from all over the south east to enjoy the premium dining experience.

Starting out, you can book online with their easy-to-use system. This than sends you friendly reminders and confirms your booking prior to the time. Or you can do the traditional phone in booking.

Once you arrive, you are met with an older building that gives off the feel of quality. And if you visit at night, you get to see a wonderful lit entrance giving off some classy elegance.

From the door you are greeted with smiles and professionalism and as the meal progresses the staff are very attentive and friendly, helping you to enjoy your experience.

Fries with Truffle
Fries with Truffle

There is a very positive vibe throughout the restaurant and no matter if you are sitting inside or on the balcony, you will not be forgotten or missed by the waiters.

The menu changes often however anytime you venture there you will not be disappointed by what there is to eat.

We started our dining off with two cocktails and some garlic bread with cheese. Normally the garlic bread is not what is judged as many places do the same type. The White House though do it differently. The bread is different, the garlic butter used is beautiful and the mozzarella cheese adds to the total tasty bites.

The mains we both decided were for us was the roast pork belly with pear. On the plate was also pumpkin puree, red cabbage, and crispy kale. On the side we ordered some fires with truffle.

When it arrived at the table, the presentation was eye catching and we could easily tell the different sections of food. Every bite of each item was beautiful but when together, exquisite.

The pork belly was cooked to perfection, was moist, juicy, and the crackling was just right.

The White House of Waterford
The White House of Waterford

When it came to the fires with truffle, they were something simple, covered by something sophisticated and that made a taste that needs to be tried as it can’t be described. The fries were hot and crispy and so fluffy in the middle. Almost the perfect chip.

There are a range of desserts with one to suit most however we were full from our meal and just could not get in another plate. Hopefully next time we will try and get a sticky date.

Logan is very lucky to have this casual fine dining restaurant as The White House of Waterford makes date night great night.

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