Sometimes eating at a Chinese restaurant feels like you are just a number and that getting in and out as quickly as possible is what they want.

However, at Yummy Yummy Chinese Restaurant you won’t be rushed or feeling like a number, but you will be welcomed and guilty of having a succulent Chinese meal.

Yen and Lee are the founders of this Asian cuisine paradise, and you can tell with every bite that they value authenticity in every dish. They also create dishes that have a modern twist to suit our contemporary Australian palate.

Sitting in the corner of Jimboomba Central shopping complex, this restaurant has a modern feel with decorative wall art and a welcoming vibe.

Before a Chinese feast, I love Peking at the menu, and it was a good thing I did as it is extensive and deciding was difficult.

Starting the meal off with sesame prawn toast and spring rolls, these tasty little entrees were just the beginning of the happiness that was yet to join our table.

Yummy Yummy
Yummy Yummy

For me, two things are a must, special fried rice and honey chicken. Much like a café that can be judged on their eggs benedict, Chinese food is often judged by their special fried rice.

Yummy Yummy didn’t disappoint as the rice was fresh, flavoursome and packed with chicken, beef and plenty more.

To accompany our rice and chicken, we ordered Mongolian beef and pork ribs done with salt and pepper. These two dishes were a great choice as the flavours danced around my mouth like a Chinese lion at Budda’s birthday party.

As we slowly devoured these delightful plates of food, we all noted there was one major thing missing from every plate, grease. This was a wonderful positive and left just the flavour of quality cooking in our gobs.

Before attacking the fortune cookies to end this delightful experience, we all tucked into the deep-fried ice cream. The crispy coconut infused batter and creamy ice cream leave you satisfied that you have eaten just enough.

The meal at Yummy Yummy really wok’d my world and with take away also available, I may have found my new go to Chinese food.

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