Logan City Council met today for their Ordinary Council meeting and one of the agenda items was the appointment of deputy mayor.

The position of deputy mayor became an annual role when the current council were elected in 2020 with the first two deputy mayors being Cr Jon Raven and Cr Natalie Willcocks.

Two councillors had raised their hands to take on the role which meant the councillors needed to vote.

As per the City Governance Committee meeting held last week, the councillors chose to vote in a secret ballot.  

Prior to the ballot, both councillors were given some time to address their fellow councillors before they cast their vote.

Cr Hall said over the past three years he has had the privilege of working with all councillors and the community in various capacities.

“I believe that my past experiences within the role of being a manager of three businesses has given me a unique set of skills specific to the role of deputy mayor.

“My learned skills revolve around working with individuals who are performing in a high-performance team where they feel valued, and we all know that when you feel valued your more productive.”

When time was called on Cr Hall, Cr Koranski took to the microphone to begin her speech.

“There is a lot of excitement in the City of Logan and our city is moving forward and we’re privileged to be the leaders; not of a good city but of a great city,” said Cr Koranski.

“To be deputy mayor of a great city like ours is an honour bestowed upon few and I thank you all for considering me for this important role.

“I strive to ensure councillors have their voices heard during committee meetings and give my time freely to anyone who’s asking for help or assistance.

“Working together this term has seen Logan prosper despite the pandemic, floods and more recently the increasing costs of living.”

The secret ballot was cast, and a majority vote came back with a clear winner being Cr Laurie Koranski who will take on the role of Deputy Mayor until the 2024 election in March.

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