The morning event bought together many different groups from all over Logan by a group called THRIVE Logan.

They are an organisation that is trying to maximise impact on Logans multi-culturally diverse groups by focusing on the following areas. Building community capacity, improving economic participation, Empowering Logan Women and Addressing social isolation and loneliness within the City of Logan.

The day proved to be a great day as lots of ideas were brainstormed amongst the participants and made everyone attending look outside of the box for answers.

Hopefully with the ideas and input from everyone, they will come up with solutions for uniting people to jobs and solutions for people to receive assistance.

Thrive Logan Event
Thrive Logan Event

If plans come together, the organisation will bring the community groups and everyone in Logan to be on the same path together and start working together as a well-oiled machine.

One thing is for sure, Gail Ker and her team are going to amazing lengths to achieve unity in the community and this event was a starting point to moving forward in the right direction to achieve this.

If your business is wanting to become a pioneer to uniting Logan and you have jobs for people that can’t be filled, think about the talent the city has in the multi-cultural groups as they just need an opportunity to show how they can add value to your business.

Break down the barriers and think outside of the box and comfort zone. Everyone at some point needs that one hand of kindness.

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