Your Lifestyle Centre at Beenleigh, formally Beenleigh Senior Centre, held their annual general meeting on Saturday 20 January.

Th meeting was scheduled for 2023 however due to finalising of the audit taking longer than anticipated, the meeting was pushed back.

Current members were welcome to attend the meeting however due to some previous unruly behaviour and pending legal action, security was on hand to keep the peace.

All in attendance were given copies of paperwork of the agenda, previous AGM minutes and more to follow along.

The first hiccup occurred when the previous AGM minutes were not passed due to questions over the sign on sheet from that meeting.

Following this, CEO Megan Zwart read her report on what has been happening and what changers were needing to be made.

Some changes that are coming into effect due to the change in the Aged Care Act of 1997 are a new Consumer Advisory Board, and a Quality Care Advisory Board.

The organisation will also make a change from being an Incorporation to a Pty Ltd. This will enable the organisation to come inline with the current best practice for not-for-profits and charities.

This change was signed off by the Office of Fair Trading Queensland as being inline with the current legislation.

This report was moved and seconded by the members of the organisation with only a few questions.

The treasurer’s report was then presented, and this is where many questions were asked. Following a back and forth, a member tried to make a motion to remove the board due to no confidence.

With the continued arguing between the members and the board over the legal way to move the motion, the CEO declared the meeting closed to be on again in two weeks to finalise the meeting.

This proved to not be the way to go as the small group of members believing the motion was done and the board would need to stand down.

An email was circulated to local, state, and federal members, other media outlets and others that they were having a ‘Urgent Special General Meeting’ on Thursday 25 January.

They declared they would be voting in a new board and demanding the CEO stand down due to allegations of serious misconduct.

Today on the Your Lifestyle Centre at Beenleigh Facebook page, a post was published by the CEO.

“A number of people are asking questions in relation to a “Special General Meeting” that is rumoured to be occurring tomorrow at 1pm at the Centre,” the Facebook post read.

“Under Section 20 of our Constitution, a Special General Meeting can only be called by the Secretary of the Committee or by 1/3 of the members.

“Therefore, the SGM will not be occurring tomorrow.

“The usual activities within the centre will be continuing as planned.

“If you have any questions in relation to this matter, please contact or

“Kind regards, Megan, Chief Executive Officer.”

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