This week Harmony Yarrabilba Drive opens its doors to Yarrabilba families, marking the 11th site on the east coast for Harmony Early Learning.

The 105-place state of the art facility has been designed with a focus on the unique needs of children, promoting physical activity and a connection among children that improves behaviour, self-esteem, and academic performance.

A community open day was held over the weekend with local families coming together to enjoy live acoustic music, food trucks and coffee carts, with children immersing themselves in learning activities. 

Harmony Yarrabilba Drive

Peter Warner, Chief Executive Officer of Harmony Early Learning, said that active design spaces and a shifting focus on incorporating a sense of community in the early learning experience will be increasingly important in supporting developmental milestones, particularly through difficult times that can feel confusing and unstable to children when they are at their most impressionable.

“The role of parents and community in the social development of children is vital, and we wanted to design the Yarrabilba Drive facility in a way that allowed for parents to develop that community around their children,” he said.

“And maintaining a holistic learning environment and a sense of community in uncertain times is vital for young children to avoid harmful impacts during key developmental years.

Harmony Yarrabilba Drive
Harmony Yarrabilba Drive

“We are so proud of this new facility and the warm welcome we’ve received from residents thus far.”

Underpinning Harmony’s approach to learning is an evidence-based early learning curriculum, the Active Early Learning (AEL) Study. Completed over 2 years with over $2 million invested, the curriculum is proven to provide children with the essential skills needed for their first year of school.

The implementation of the curriculum at Yarrabilba Drive will be overseen by Centre Director, Alice Kamsaengsai.

Harmony Yarrabilba Drive

“Building physical competence and confidence through activities designed to encourage the enjoyment of being both physically and mentally active underwrites everything that we do,” said Ms Kamsaengsai.

“It was incredibly heart-warming to see so many local families having a great time at our open day, and we’re looking forward to start providing the tools to help the local kids get started on their educational journey.”

The centre has an onsite chef creating healthy and nutritious meals designed by a nutritionist, natural open spaces to explore, discover and play, weekly music and yoga classes, and abundant parking to make the drop off and pick up an ease for families.

Harmony Yarrabilba Drive
Harmony Yarrabilba Drive
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