By Judy Jeffrey

I have been out exploring a lot of Division two of Logan this week and I have spent several days meeting new people and finding out about a lot of new groups.

Many of these I would not have known about if it wasn’t for Cr Teresa Lane inviting me along on her days in her division. Cr Lane holds her weekly catchup at Logan Central Plaza, and she introduced me to a wonderful group of seniors who with no hesitation offered to give me a challenge that I found to be a great reason to go.

The Woodridge Wanderers Walking group are a fun and positive group that really makes walking enjoyable and safe. With restricted ways to exercise for many of us, this group is ideal for you.

Members are from 50 years young and up, but most of all you walk around the inside of the Logan Central Plaza from Coles to K-Mart on a flat surface. If you are on a walking device this is still a great way to exercise, and you also know that you won’t be alone.

Whether you walk fast or like a slow turtle, like me, the choice is yours and what is most comfortable to you. From 30 mins to an hour or more on the flat surface, with toilets available and handy to access while you are walking. You are inside so it doesn’t matter how the weather outside is, you can still get a great walk in for the day.  

The best part was how supportive and friendly the ladies and gentlemen are towards all new walkers, and this goes for the shop keepers and centre management. After you finish your walk, the group all gather up together and have a drink and a catch up at the Coolabah Café for refreshments before heading off on their busy days. The other great part to this is the fact it is free with easy parking and easy access to the centre.

This is a really great way for locals or whoever wants to walk and has insecurity about footpaths and other obstacles in the community that just makes it difficult to walk.

Heart Foundation Walking Group Logan Central Plaza
Heart Foundation Walking Group Logan Central Plaza

The lady running the group is Carol and she is more than happy to get you signed up. The Woodridge Wanderers is such a great way to remain safe as the shop keepers and the supermarkets all keep a watchful eye over the group and are ready to assist if required.

The group starts at 7am every weekday morning and all that is required is to sign in the registry book to say that you are there and then walk till you are happy with what you have achieved.

For me, doing 30 minutes for my first walk was amazing. I found it very relaxing, but with the chatting and the great people time seemed to pass rather fast.

Starting early is mainly for the fact that the centre is quiet from the hustle and bustle of the main crowds. Centre Management also check in to say a friendly hello as well as other store owners, even security.

The Heart Foundation is a great follower and supporter of the group, and they recommend groups like these as walking for 30 minutes a day is good for the heart.

Come on down Logan Central Plaza and give it a go as you have nothing to lose but plenty to gain. If you are over 50 and need that feeling of safe surface beneath your feet like I do, I highly recommend this.

Woodridge Wanderers Walking Group, thank you for the great walk and I am looking forward to returning to walk again.

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