Logan City Council is leading the fight locally against mosquitoes as summer heat sets in and more wet weather is forecast.

A comprehensive citywide surveillance and treatment plan is in place to help protect the community from the discomfort and public health risks, with Council proactively responding across the city.

Mosquitoes thrive in warm temperatures, humidity, and rain. Warmer temperatures accelerate their life cycle.

More than 760 water-holding sites across the City of Logan are frequently inspected by Council.

Mosquito treatment applied by Council is safe for humans and animals and is environmentally friendly.

Lifestyle Committee Chair Councillor Tony Hall said Council was doing everything it could to protect the community wherever possible from mosquitoes.

Cr Hall said this included using the latest technology available.

Some difficult-to-access mosquito breeding areas are being inspected and treated via drones and all-terrain vehicles.

Residents can help reduce mosquito breeding on their properties by:

  • Tipping out any water in items such as wheelbarrows, garden pot saucers or tarpaulins.
  • Avoiding outdoor activity, when possible, during the early morning and late afternoon. If you need to go outside, use physical barriers like nets on prams and wear light-coloured long-sleeve shirts and pants.
  • Applying insect repellent (preferably containing DEET)
  • Checking the integrity of insect screens
  • Using a knock-down insect spray in living areas

Council also provides six native fish free each year to City of Logan residents who have a pond, dam, or other permanent water body on their property to help combat mosquitoes.

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