Environmental not-for-profit organisation Watergum and Logan City Council are continuing their partnership this year to deliver community cane toad control activities in the region.

Watergum is a leader in the field offering detailed education, fun events and cane toad control solutions at every life stage.

Watergum strongly emphasises the power of community action and working together towards a common goal, especially where cane toads are concerned.

“Last season Logan residents collectively removed 14,731 toads from the environment,” said Watergum Cane Toads coordinator Emily Vincent.

“Since each female cane toad can lay up to 70,000 eggs in one year, this effort prevented up to 170 million future cane toads from entering our environment.”

Watergum is kicking off this season with an informative session on the 12th December at Park Ridge. This session will teach you everything you need to know about cane toads and how to control them at each life stage through toad busting and tadpole trapping activities.

Watergum Cane Toad Tadpole Traps and Lures will soon be available in stores near you and are designed to be used in dams, creeks, and ponds. When used correctly, the traps can catch thousands of tadpoles at once, and this session will teach you exactly how to use them.

In the New Year, residents can also join Watergum at several community toad busting events in the region. Toad busting is currently the most successful form of cane toad control and is a fun activity for the whole family.

Last year’s events were vibrant and successful; during one event, community members collected over 600 toads in one hour. Watergum challenged Logan residents to collect even more cane toads this time to impact cane toad breeding cycles for the next season.

 For dates and locations of cane toad activities in Logan, head to the Watergum website to see what’s coming up.

Watergum president Walter Mayr says; “If we work together we can reduce the impact of the invasive cane toad and reclaim habitat for native species.”

Watergum Cane Toads website: www.watergum.org/canetoads

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