Technology is calling time on those weeds which seem to find a way to sprout in local footpaths, gutters, and road edges.

Logan City Council is using a state-of-the-art sensor that detects the presence of weeds creeping up through cracks or pavement joins and targets them directly with herbicide.

Previously, it took up to a year for staff on foot to patrol the city and spray weeds.

The truck-mounted sensor with an infra-red beam does the job in an environmentally friendly way.

The sensor is triggered by the presence of the pigment chlorophyll in weeds.

It the applies a targeted and precise application of herbicide, which reduces overall chemical usage and minimises harm to non-target plants and ecosystems.

The new technology, which comes at no additional cost to ratepayers, helps minimise weeds from growing into the drainage system and clogging stormwater run-off.

Logan is the first Council in Queensland to acquire and use the technology from the United States.

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