The Logan City Council election is coming up in March 2024 and there are questions on what current councillor will be running again.

While most have not yet announced, there are a number who have and there is no doubt more will put their hands up in the coming months.

Cr Scott Bannan last week posted to his Facebook page that he 100% going to run again if you guys will have me.

“I’m enjoying the Job, I believe I’m getting a lot done and have plenty more I want to do for my community,” Cr Bannan posted.

“I’m new to the whole re-election thing, I wasn’t sure when you let everyone know what you’re doing.

“I’m probably a bit rough around edges, I’m not a suit and tie guy, probably tune too many people up on FB but I can only be me and hopefully that’s enough to give me another crack.”

On the other side of things, Cr Lisa Bradley announced in a post on Facebook in April, that has since been removed, that she will not be contesting the next election.

The interesting cat and mouse game of who will be running for mayor has been playing out between current Mayor Darren Power and Division 5 Councillor Jon Raven.

Cr Raven has all but confirmed that he will be running for Logan City Mayor on the proviso that Cr Power is not contesting the seat again.

At this stage, Cr Power has advised he has decided personally what his intentions are however has not made them public.

Current Known Status of Incumbents

Division 1 – Lisa Bradley – Unconfirmed
Division 2 – Teresa Lane – Confirmed
Division 3 – Mindy Russell – Confirmed
Division 4 – Laurie Koranski – Unconfirmed
Division 5 – Jon Raven – Running for Mayor or Division
Division 6 – Tony Hall – Confirmed
Division 7 – Tim Frazer – Unconfirmed
Division 8 – Jacob Heremaia – Unconfirmed
Division 9 – Scott Bannan – Confirmed
Division 10 – Miriam Stemp – Unconfirmed
Division 11 – Natalie Willcocks – Unconfirmed
Division 12 – Karen Murphy – Confirmed
Mayor – Darren Power – Unconfirmed

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