The electric vehicle market is a growing one and there are only a few manufacturers that produce an EV that is a luxurious package. Genesis is one of those.

The first-ever Electrified G80 came to Australia last year and while it’s not the most sold EV, it is one of the better ones to drive with it offering power, performance, and quality.

Electrified G80 features a twin motor AWD system that provides 272kW (from dual 136kW front / rear motors) and an instantaneous 700Nm of torque, to propel the luxury four-door from rest to 100km/h in 4.9 seconds in near-silent refinement.

An 87.2kWh battery offers up to 520km (WLTP) of long-distance touring range and can charge from 10 to 80 percent in as little as 22 minutes when plugged into a 350kW DC fast charger.

Electrified G80
Electrified G80

When it comes to the manufacturer giving the total distance an EV can go, it is rarely accurate and often falls short. In this case, the Electrified G80 will do the 520km stated, however range anxiety may get you before you get all that way.

A V2L (Vehicle-To-Load) feature allows the ability to plug in electric appliances into the Electrified G80 and access a household-grade source of electric power (3.6kW output) while enjoying the great outdoors.

An interesting and rather cool feature is the solar roof integrated in the roofline that enhances the energy efficiency by generating supplementary electricity from sunlight.

In line with Genesis Motor’s commitment to sustainable mobility, Electrified G80 uses low environmental impact natural and recycled materials throughout the cabin.

These include leather that utilises natural dye for the seats, console and rear seat armrests, an eco-friendly ‘forged wood’ garnish made from recycled birch wood from the furniture manufacturing process, and environmentally friendly fabric made from recycled PET.

Electrified G80
Electrified G80

The interior is fit for a King and there is plenty of room for all occupants in the vehicle. Leg room and head room in both front and back is plentiful.

The list of features is too extensive but there are more comfort options for rear seat passengers than in many luxury vehicles.

The infotainment system is easy to use and gives the driver the option of touch screen or using the control circle. The sound system is strong and will please any teen or lover of loud music.

Starting from $145,000, the Genesis Electrified G80 is not cheap but is all that it says it is.

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