Introduced in late 2022, the Genesis Electrified GV70 is offered in one highly equipped ’Luxury Package’ specification level, fittingly positioned as the flagship model in the GV70 range.

With electric cars becoming more prevalent on the roads, big SUVs are starting to make their way here too. The Genesis Electrified GV70 is one of them and is high on the luxury list.

The Electrified GV70 has a stylish front fascia treatment incorporates an electrified-unique inverted G-Matrix Genesis-signature Crest Grille featuring a hidden EV charging port.

This is echoed by the minimalist horizontal shape of the rear bumper, with a simplified, tailpipe-free skid plate designed to highlight the model’s emissions-free credentials, and a progressive Genesis-signature Two-Line Quad Lamp taillight design completing an appealing visual presence.

The overall look of the Electrified GV70 is much the same as its combustion powered siblings and competes with the styles of Audi and BMW.

Genesis GV70 EV
Genesis GV70 EV

Genesis focused on comfort and luxury as well as user friendliness and created a driver-oriented, intuitive, and minimalist cabin.

Smart packaging features throughout Electrified GV70, such as a second-row that offers space comparable to conventional GV70 (even with the underfloor batteries) through a lowering of the centre tunnel and other improvements. 

A mood-lit Shift By Wire rotary drive selector is intuitive to use and frees cabin space compared with a conventional lever.

The interior includes the use of a range of eco-friendly materials each featuring a high-quality finish that highlights the Genesis vision of sustainable luxury.

Each interior colour combination features Nappa leather appointed upholstery with luxury quilting and ‘Mountain type’ 3D backlit door trim.

Electrified GV70’s 14.5-inch high-resolution wide display LCD touchscreen multimedia unit incorporates an EV-specific Graphic User Interface (GUI) and functionalities, and a futuristic Augmented Reality (AR View) navigation function.

Augmented Reality technology maximises safety and convenience by displaying three-dimensional road guidance information as well as warnings associated with navigation and Genesis Active Safety Control functions.

Genesis GV70 EV
Genesis GV70 EV

The system uses a combination of forward image information from the Surround View camera, with forward object recognition from the windscreen camera and the front radar, along with navigation map data, to generate the AR navigation display.

A 12.3-inch high-resolution full-digital cluster recognises the driver’s eyes through a cluster-mounted camera to present the display in 3D view, and features themes linked to each drive mode.

Of course, power and driving distance are some of the more important aspects with all EVs and the Genesis Electrified GV70 is not going to disappoint. 

With twin 180kW, 350Nm electric motors – one driving the front wheels and one driving the rear wheels – the all-wheel drive Electrified GV70 delivers total maximum outputs of 360kW (with Boost Mode) and 700Nm, accelerating from rest to 100km/h in 4.2 seconds.

When driving on highway roads, for a smooth and fast overtake, the Boost Mode brings the Genesis from 80km/h to 145km/h in only seconds. A button that could lead to some issues with police if not used correctly.

In addition, Electrified GV70 features the Genesis SUV-specific e-Terrain Mode, which enables a stable driving experience across the spectrum of driving conditions.

Genesis GV70 EV
Genesis GV70 EV

Electrified GV70’s range per charge of the 77.4kWh power battery is listed at 445km. While this seems like a decent distance, in the real world it just does not happen. The test was lucky to get to 400km as range anxiety forced a recharge at 380kms with less than 5 per cent battery life remaining.  

When plugged into a 350kW rapid charger, a charge from 10 to 80 percent takes as little as 18 minutes. From home on the standard power point, time is closer to 20 hours.

A good addition to the Electrified GV70 is the application of a 400V/800V multi-rapid charging system that utilises a variety of 400V and 800V charging infrastructures without the need for an additional converter.

Electrified GV70’s Smart Regenerative Braking 2.0 system also optimises coasting efficiency by automatically adjusting the amount of regenerative braking in three stages, based on the speed of the vehicle ahead, the following distance, and navigation map road sign data such as the position of safety cameras. 

An i-PEDAL (Intelligent Pedal) driving mode takes the level of regenerative braking a step further to let the driver accelerate, decelerate, and stop using only the accelerator pedal.

Genesis GV70 EV
Genesis GV70 EV

Car and Bike News Opinion

As electric cars go, it is nice to drive a quality built, beautiful and enjoyable SUV. While range anxiety in South East Queensland is still very much a thing, having an electric car can be a little more stressful at times. But at least it is being done in comfort.

While the price is a little on the high end, the quality and enjoyment from this SUV is well worth the expense and again the Genesis should not be looked over for someone European as it competes with the best of them.

Price – $127,800
Manufacturer’s List Price (MLP) and include Luxury Car Tax (LCT) where applicable. Price excludes delivery and on road costs.

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