The electric car market is growing in Australia and in Queensland the state government are actually installing infrastructure to support electric cars.

The Hyundai Kona EV is a small SUV based off the petrol version however is fully powered by a lithium-ion polymer battery. The powertrain delivers ample performance thanks to the fitment of a 100kWh, 327V, 39.2kWh battery and includes a decent range as the Standard Range model.

While many drivers will suffer from range anxiety in the early stages of owning or driving a fully electric car, the Kona EV has a real-world all-electric range of up to 305km. This can be more but that depends on how and where you drive due to the Kona EV having regeneration of power when braking.

There is also the Extended Range which has a larger capacity and is 150kW/64kWh battery which increases the range to over 400km and is a decent amount more power.

Hyundai Kona EV 2021
Hyundai Kona EV 2021

The Standard and Extended Range is available in both the Elite and Highlander giving greater options for buyers with a $10,000 price variance from bottom to top spec.

While both the Elite and Highlander feature a long list of inclusions, the Highlander is just that little bit better. The interior of both is nice but do include a fair bit of hard plastics. Everything is laid out ergonomically and it is a comfortably drive.

The Hyundai Kona Electric drives like any other Hyundai SUV, rather good, and can handle everyday driving. From doing the school run or to and from work, the Kona Electric is up for the job. There is no engine noise which is good however there is an increase in noticeable road noise because of the lack of induction.

When you put your foot down, the power is instant. Something that electric cars are good for. This is only up to around 120-130kph but you don’t really need more than that on Aussie roads.

The real question you must ask yourself before buying the Hyundai Kona Electric is how often do you drive more than 300 odd kilometres in one trip? If you are only using the Kona Electric for weekly short trips, all good. If you are doing extended drives, both EV’s and the time it takes to charge will be a showstopper for now.

Standard Range – 100kW – 39.2kWh Battery – $54,500
Extended Range – 150kW – 64kWh Battery – $60,500
Standard Range – 100kW – 39.2kWh Battery – $58,000
Extended Range – 150kW – 64kWh Battery – $64,000
(Prices are MLP plus dealer, delivery and on road costs)

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