Some cars are not so fast and furious yet are fun, nimble, and are a lot better than the model they are replacing. That is the case with the series two Suzuki Swift, in the manual at least.

All of the new Swifts are powered by Suzuki’s Dualjet 1.2 litre four-cylinder multi-point injection that has two injectors per cylinder. Offering 120Nm of torque and 66kW max power, the little Swift gets a decent 4.6L/100km.

The new model also has some exterior design changes which include a new look front bumper, a new grille and new alloy wheel designs. The new look is much improved over the last model and really has a strong presence on the road.

The Swift Series II features new advanced safety technologies to ensure Swift drivers are as safe as possible when behind the wheel. These features include blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, heated door mirrors and reverse parking sensors.

Suzuki Swift

Blind spot monitoring detects vehicles in or approaching the rear blind spots on either side of the vehicle by illuminating a warning LED icon in the relevant exterior mirror.

Rear cross traffic alert uses two rear mounted side radar sensors to alert the driver of approaching vehicles on either side of the vehicle when reversing out of car park spaces.

These key advanced safety features are now standard across the GL Navigator Plus and GLX Turbo variants.

Further technological enhancements include heated door mirrors. Rear speakers already in the GLX have been added to the GL variant.

Other new standard features across all grades include a digital speedometer and auto up windows. Rear speakers, already standard in the GLX Turbo, have been added to the GL Navigator variants.

While all the safety features and improvements are welcomed, along with the improved boot space and decent cabin space, the real test comes to how it drives.

While the speed is nothing to write home about, the handling and overall drive of the Series 2 Suzuki Swift was unexpected. The manual was a great change and offered a smooth shift and the ratios are well developed. Stopping is decent and taking a corner at speed also left the eyes open a little wider with delight.

For $18,990 drive away this little car packs a decent punch for its price and grade. Get in one and have a test yourself. 

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