It’s that time of year when many load up the car for a well-deserved holiday. The big question, is your car up to the task?

While these checks are useful, it always pays to have your car checked by a qualified mechanic before heading off on a long drive. This is even more important if your car is due for a service or if it’s not often used for long journeys.

Tyres and wheel alignment

Easiest thing to do is a visual inspection for tread wear and if there is uneven wear, on one side of the tyre or in the middle, it could mean something is not right.

It’s a good idea to check the pressures with a gauge as well, since even moderate under inflation can affect road grip. You can check each tyre’s pressure with a gauge, freely available at most service stations.

Battery life

While you may not have a load tester, you can listen for signs of slow cranking when you start the car. This may indicate the battery is on its last legs. Do a visual inspection also checking for leaks, corrosion, and dates.

Dashboard warning lights

As soon as you see a warning light on the dash for one of the safety systems, get it checked straight away. In fact, any warning light in the dash calls for immediate checking by a professional.

Engine’s cooling system

Only when the engine is cold, check the coolant level in the reservoir isn’t below the minimum mark and the colour is not milky.

If you’re left stranded, it could be inconvenient, expensive, and even dangerous making having your car checked and you double checking before you head off a good idea.

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