By David McKenzie McKinnon

I thought I had tried all the cafes and restaurants in Jimboomba, however, I found another one in the Jimboomba shopping centre that I had never heard of.

My wife and I decided to have breakfast at Auras Restaurant. The menu has plenty to choose from and with the all-day breakfast options, we were spoilt for choice. Between us we ordered the big breakfast and the Eggs Benedict along with some coffee.

I have found over the years that you can judge a café or restaurant on its Eggs Benedict and if they can’t get that right then there’s not much chance the rest of the menu will be any good.

A first for me in a long time was when my order came to the table in front of me; I immediately knew I wasn’t going to be able to finish it. I found myself trying to decide what I wanted to finish and what I would be okay with if I left some on my plate.

I can tell you that I never once considered leaving any bacon even though there was a lot. The sausage was great and the eggs were cooked to perfection, which means it came down to the baked beans, toast or hash browns.

The toast and one hash brown lost and I left some behind. What made it more difficult was I had also shared some of the Eggs Benedict. I can tell you that the hollandaise sauce was so amazing that next time I stop in for breakfast I will be having the eggs Benny.

To top this off the coffee was excellent and very hot, just how I like it. So many cafes make coffee lukewarm and it’s cold before you get half way through, which is just not good enough.

A day passed and I was so happy with the food that I decided on my way home the next day I would call in and try a burger. This too I can confirm you will not be disappointed with a as they are also great.

All this of course is a waste of time if the experience is marred by bad service or unfriendly staff. I was impressed and happy to say that Auras service is up there with the best of them. The staff is efficient and very friendly and the restaurant is very clean and well presented.

It’s been a long while since I’ve been to a restaurant that used table cloths and not those cheap throw away things either. It was a real pleasure to spend time there and enjoy a meal.

I am looking forward to returning and trying some of the other meals on offer on what I feel are a great selection that ranges from burgers, fish and chips, Lasagne, omelettes and salads. The prices are very reasonable and they also have a takeaway menu with family and party packs; so they have it all covered. The team also care for the vegetarians amongst us.

They can be found at shop 8, 109 – 115 Brisbane St Jimboomba in the shopping centre across from the pub.

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