By David McKenzie McKinnon

With so many cafes just in the Logan area alone it’s hard to visit them all. I do love to hear from readers and friends to find not only the good cafes but the unique and unusual as I may not normally have a reason to go there.

Flagstone is somewhere I don’t often visit because it’s a relatively new estate and I don’t know anyone out that way. However, I had a suggestion from a couple of friends that I should visit Café Flagstone.

With such a glowing endorsement from friends, I felt I needed to visit and I couldn’t be more pleased to have done so. Café Flagstone, although not large, is set up in a well presented container beside the car park of a building that’s basically occupied by the Flagstone estate management company. The café has a great under cover area on the ground level with plenty of tables and seating.

The day I visited Flagstone Café I was lucky enough to meet Sarah and her husband. Sarah has had many years in the food industry and has taken on building up the café business, which in a new housing estate, is not an easy thing.

Any new café I go to I usually start with either a burger or if it’s the morning I will try the eggs benedict, if on the menu. I have found you can judge a café by either of these two and so I decided to have the burger.

As far as burgers go this was one of the best different burgers I’ve had as it was quite unique from what I was expecting. On long Turkish bread, which to be honest will win me almost anytime, it had four separate meet patties and of course the usual salad plus bacon.

I was asked what sauce I wanted as per usual but a couple of the options were Sarah’s own home made relish. Her homemade condiments, some of which either won prizes or received mentions at the Beaudesert show, are just full of flavour.

Now the quality of the relish I had on my burger is a reflection of the standard of the food in this café. I thoroughly enjoyed my burger and also my coffee. They use Merlo coffee and I would say that Sarah is one of the best barristers I’ve had make me this type of coffee.

Sarah and her husband said that the café will be making a move in the near future to a much better position not far from where they are at present and may have a name change. Regardless of where they are or the name, you can be sure you will not only get great food and coffee but excellent friendly service.

Car park of the Sales and Information Centre, Homestead Drive Flagstone.

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