Meeting at a café with friends is always a great way to get a good meal and to have a chinwag to catch up or even to have a work meeting over some tasty food.

Degani Beenleigh is a one stop café for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even an in between coffee or snack with plenty to choose from.

We stopped in at the good time of brunch which gave us a choice of either the breakfast menu or the rest of the menu. This is good as I was wanting a nice breakfast and my counterpart was in the mood for more of a lunch meal.

The big breakfast was my choice, and this came with everything you would expect, including eggs done how you like. Decent size toast, eggs cooked just right, a good helping of bacon, a few more items and a little bowl of avocado.

Degani Beenleigh
Degani Beenleigh

My friend had the steak sandwich and added on some bacon and egg to intensify the overall size and taste.

The steak was cooked perfectly and was a tender cut, and the sandwich itself was sizable, filling and was served with a side of fries that were crispy and salted just right.

Now, Degani is known for their coffee, and they say it is a smooth, velvety, coffee hug that comes from a latte. While this may be the case for many, we skipped the coffee and had milkshakes.

They both had intense flavour and were think with ice cream and milk and could be drink with a straw for the most part, but a spoon was needed to scoop out the smooth ice cream.

Degani Beenleigh
Degani Beenleigh

My friend had one that was on the extreme side which included cream and a cookie plus some other interesting, tasty treats.

The café gets busy and there is both an indoor and outdoor seating option. The outdoor is fully fenced and you can bring your furry friend to be with you while you enjoy your meal or coffee.

Looking at other people’s orders as they were delivered, it was clear to see that everything produced in the kitchen looked good and you probably won’t go wrong with your choice.

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