By Gail McKenzie McKinnon

They say time flies when you’re having fun. Well, the same for moving into a new place to live as I am still unpacking, just leave out the fun part. That is why I haven’t ventured far from home this month.

I needed to go to Coles for a few items and found Degani Beenleigh. The first thing I saw was a motorbike as a display. As my husband rides and loves motorbikes I really had to check it out.

The café had a very welcoming feel. After signing in and finding a table, I had a good look around. I really liked what I saw there are plenty of tables inside and out and so exceptionally clean. Sitting outside is a really great place to people watch (which is a thing I like to do). One of the best things in my book was the music, it wasn’t loud.

Checking out the menu I found the prices a very realistic. To find a menu with nothing over $20 is a very unusual experience. They also have a blackboard with lunch specials for $12.95. As I had friends visiting us at the time we decided to stay and have lunch.

I had the fish and chips my husband and friend the chicken schintz with her husband having the burger. We all ordered coffee, two mugs and two regulars, giving me a good look at both. You all know I love my coffee and it’s a good thing I do as the mugs are enormous. I found the coffee full of flavour and hot, just the way I like it.

The food arrived not long after our coffees and the timing was excellent as I like to enjoy my coffee with my meal. We were all happy with meals that were just the right size for lunch, and very tasty.

If you are down at Beenleigh Mall drop in and have a coffee or meal at Degani. The staff are very friendly and helpful and the service is great. It is a nice place to catch up with friends or just to sit and relax and enjoy some quite time.

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