By David McKenzie McKinnon

The Pacific Centre complex on Old Chatswood Road Daisy Hill has had many different cafes over the years; some good and some perhaps not so good. To start a new venture, such as a café, if you are moving into a building previously occupied by one not so good, it is much harder than just starting fresh. I assume that’s like any business but Lyn Calder has taken this on and for the past twelve months has been building up her new cafe called Destination Cafe.

Lyn has had many years in the food industry with a very successful mobile BBQ business which she will be incorporating into some of the events that are going to be held at her café. I was fortunate enough to sit down and have a chat with Lyn and discuss some of the events; one of which will be for myself and our social motorcycle ride group where on some Friday night’s friends from bike and car clubs are planning to meet up for a feed, coffee, chat and good night out.

My visits to the café have been enjoyable and so great that I plan to meet up with more friends though the day more often. The coffee is fantastic and everything I ate from the menu has been impressive to say the least.

Lynn’s café hosts many events for the people of Logan and on the last Sunday of the month the café hosts Doggy Day for the local dog owners and anyone who wants go along is welcome. You can read about Julys doggy dress up day in last month’s edition of Living in Logan magazine. The café as you may have realised is one of few pet friendly cafe’s in Logan.

They also have live music from some very talented performers which can make your visit just that little bit more interesting and relaxing (check their page for which days). I personally love the atmosphere on the deck and I’m sure you will too.

Destination Cafe is open seven days a week for a classic breakfast and lunch, private catering is available from 4pm seven days a week also.

For more info on the menu check out their Facebook and web pages or just go there; you won’t be sorry . Usually I’ll talk more about the food but the quality of the meals speak for themselves, this is also one of the cleanest cafe’s I’ve been to.

Plenty of off street parking makes this an even better venue especially for events.

You can find them at 3/10 Old Chatswood Road Daisy Hill; just across the road from the BMW dealer. The best way to enter is via the Chatswood Road and Barbarella Drive round about.

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