By Gail McKenzie McKinnon

I am moving to a new house this month into the wonderful suburb of Eagleby and since I have been there a fair bit what better time to check out a café close to my new home.

I decided to stop in and check out the Eagleby Plaza. I know that Eagleby often gets a bad wrap, but I think everything changes over time, which I know Eagleby has. With our old friend COVID, people are moving from the noise and traffic of big cities and coming to our great City of Logan.

While walking around the plaza I came across the Eagleby Carvery. Checking out the menu board there was such a variety of different foods to choose from. In the hotbox was a great selection of Chinese food that had just been recently cooked.

Also, the other hotbox had the usual take away such as chips, crumbed sausages, pies and all those good things for a quick snack. They also have a good range of hamburgers, hot dogs, fish and chips and chicken and chips; a real one stop shop for all your food needs.

I was there on a Monday at 10am and missed breakfast so with all these options I decided I better have bacon and eggs. There was a special breakfast meal for $9.50 which consisted of bacon, eggs (fried), a sausage, two hash browns, bake beans and toast. It was like eating at home and I find that is okay as sometimes you just need a simple meal. Combine this with a good cup of coffee and I really enjoyed the experience.

While eating my meal I was people watching as you do and the customer service from the proprietors was extremely helpful and always with a smile. The carvery is not the only café in the centre, but I did have to start somewhere.

I will be doing another review soon at another food vender in the plaza because there is more to see and different foods to taste, plus shops I have not heard of before like the supermarket Fresh and Save looks interesting.

But for now, more packing.

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