A new Asian food sensation has opened in Cornubia and is getting rave reviews from locals who have stopped in to give it a go.

Grab & Go Cornubia is located at the 7/11 service station complex on Beenleigh Redland Bay Road and is serving up fresh Japanese and Chinese food.

Opened only for a short time, January 25 was opening day, the owner and his staff are friendly and ready to make your food fresh and, on the spot, so it is most enjoyable.

The menu is not large which helps in the decision making. Some items are yet to be launched, but what they do have is delicious, fresh, and inexpensive.

The honey chicken and rice bowls are normally only $12, but they have an opening special running until mid-February where it is half price. You could also choose sweet n sour pork or lemon chicken if honey chicken is not your favorite.

Grab & Go Honey Chicken Bowl
Grab & Go Honey Chicken Bowl

They are also offering their Turkish salad roll with either Teriyaki chicken or Bulgogi beef for $6 as part of the grand opening special.

Watching the guys make our lunch was great as we could see what they do and that it is all freshly cooked. The rice is the only part that is made in a large batch, but it is kept hot and is not soggy.

The chicken was hot, steaming inside our takeaway bowl. They gave the honey in two separate containers to be added when we got home. This meant the chicken stayed crispy. Good thinking by the team.

Grab & Go Spring Rolls
Grab & Go Spring Rolls

Adding the honey in and mixing it with the chicken and rice made for a very tasty bowl of food and when the honey heats up and goes through the rice, it is a very dreamy dish.

The spring rolls were large and packed with meat and veggies. The filling was not over cooked and had some texture to it, while the outside had a crunch on every bite.

The serves are decent size and will hit the spot to fill that gap in the belly without making you feel bloated and sick like some other fast-food places do.

They also have salad options and other items on the menu that will suit most Asian cuisine lovers.

Grab & Go Cornubia
Grab & Go Cornubia

At this stage, Grab & Go Cornubia is open Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm – Sat & Sunday: 10am – 4pm, but this will change as they find their feet with more customers.

The only way to find out if they are as good as we say they are, is give them a go. You will be happy you did, and they will be to for your support.

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