The doner kebab often gets the reputation of being a late-night feast for someone who may have had a night of overindulgence in the nightlife.

While there may be a little truth to this, the doner kebab is an anytime food that can be shared with the family. Throw in a side of crispy chips and there is a great meal.

Kebab Zone Cornubia is one of many kebab shops in the City of Logan however it is one that you are guaranteed to get a packed, well-cooked kebab with friendly staff every time.

Their doner meat is full of rich flavours and has a unique combination of textures that is very pleasing on the palate. The meat is juicy and tender inside, while the outside is crispy and slightly charred.

The combination of juicy and flavourful grilled meat, freshly cut salads, and creamy sauces make for an unbeatable snack.

Your basic kebab comes with meat, lettuce, tomato, and onion, but there are plenty of other options to customize and make it your own. Adding extras is never a problem and Kebab Zone Cornubia don’t lessen another topping just because you added more. They just work harder to make the kebab work.

As fast food goes, a kebab is a healthier option because they are not deep-fried and include bread and salad. However, kebab meat does contain fat and the amount will vary depending on the meat used. But you feel better after eating Kebab Zone Cornubia’s food than you do another type of fast food.

After you order, the lovely staff get busy and put everything together. It is not long before you are powering into the kebab.

When they hand it over, it is heavy and from the moment it’s unwrapped it is clear to see the crisp and crunchy dürüm holding in all the wonderfulness.

The first bite is quickly followed by the second and soon my mouth is filled with an explosion of flavours and a meat I could eat of the rotisserie. Mixing bites of kebab with chips, the combo is one that can be loved by all, and it is no wonder it’s the choice for late night diners and lovers of good fast food that is easy to eat and leaves you feeling full and satisfied.

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