By Gail McKenzie McKinnon

This month I thought I would try something different. I was told about a place on Kingston Road at Slacks Creek that had really great hotdogs. I didn’t have a name, just approximately where it was situated, somewhere near the Kingston Square Shopping Centre, so I had to check them out.

I found the building, which is no mean feat, as I had no idea what to look for and Kingston Road is not the best of place to drive slowly. You cannot miss the building though as it’s painted black with a big hotdog looking at you.

The name is King’s Footlong German Sausages at 262 Kingston Road Slacks Creek. The building is a standalone at the end of the shopping centre with off street parking.

When I walked in the woman at the counter was very friendly, going through the menu and explaining the different options of hotdogs and sauces. This was a great help in making my selection.

There is an extensive range to choose from and it is value for money. As the name suggests they have German sausages, spicy, double smoked or cheese kransky.

With prices ranging from $9.90 to $15 there is a lot of value in your choice. If you don’t like hotdogs they also have beef rolls, chili con carne and kings wings (chicken). You can wash it down with a choice of soft drinks or a milkshake.

I had a G.O.A.T (no it’s not a goat hotdog) it contained onion, sauerkraut, bacon, egg, mozzarella cheese, tomato salsa and my sausage of choice, a cheese kransky. My husband had meal deal which is a Kings footlong, with double smoked sausage, chips and drink. Both a great choice and the chips are really fantastic.

King’s is an interesting place with big posters of hotdogs in different poses looking at you and from the black walls.

There was a wide range of people coming and going, from workers on their lunch break to families with children getting their lunch or take away. They have seating inside with plenty outside when the weather is good.

If you want to try something different go to King’s Footlong you, will get a great meal and lovely service, plus helping a local business as they have only been open since November 2020. Check out there Facebook page or website.

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