By David McKenzie McKinnon

I was out with a mate one day and we were getting hungry so I suggested we head down to the Beenleigh Mitre 10 hardware for a burger. Of course he says “are you nuts?” but I explained to him that unlike a lot of cafes in hardware stores this one has exceptional food and great coffee.

He was reluctant to eat there and told me the last time he ate at a hardware the food was as tough as an old safety boot and he needed a chainsaw to cut it while holding it with a garden fork. However it gave it a go and after eating our lunch my friend was very happy and eager to return for more.

It’s known as the Mitre Ten Mega Cafe in Beenleigh and I have been going there since the store opened. It’s classed as a fast food cafe but not like any others I’ve been to. A great feature is you don’t have to wait long for service or your order to be brought to your table. The staff are the friendliest and most efficient you will find.

I have tried most of the menu over the years which ranges from pies and sandwiches to one of the biggest burgers I’ve had which I struggle to finish. I usually order coffee which is always very hot which is just how I like it. When it comes to making burgers and coffee this cafe has nailed it. The prices are affordable with a burger with the works being around $8.50.

Most folk settle for the sausage sizzle outside which is usually for a great cause. Although if you are seriously hungry and in the area, whether you need anything in the hardware line or not, it’s worth going inside to this great cafe.

I even take my wife there and she not only likes the cafe but loves browsing around in the store as they always have interesting knickknacks just inside the door. I don’t always just go for a feed and sometimes I actually buy something in the hardware. It is one of the better hardware stores as it’s not too big that they forgot customer service is important.

The cafe can be found inside the Mitre 10, 204 Main St Beenleigh.

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