By David McKenzie McKinnon

I find myself very fortunate to have been asked to write for Living in Logan Magazine. This has given me a great opportunity to visit a large number of cafes and restaurants within the City of Logan. Some of these I already know while others are from word of mouth or just seen while passing by.

During the past few months, I had heard a great deal about Simply Beans and how they are suppliers of coffee to cafes all around Australia. I also heard that they actually blend and roast many varieties on the premises using Arabica green beans which come from their own estate.

They also supply a wide variety of coffee machines and related equipment plus provide numerous Barista courses; from home baristas to professional. They also run interesting and informative tours of their roaster for a small cost.

My interest lay mainly in the actual cafe part which is known as Simply Beans Espresso Coffee Bar & Roastery. The cafe itself is situated at the same site where the roasting and blending takes place as well as the sale of the coffee machines, which helps to make up the interesting atmosphere.

Of course all this to me is lost if the coffee and food are not of a high standard, which I can assure anyone that goes there will not be disappointed. The coffee is excellent and the food well above my expectations.

This cafe is predominantly about the coffee but the food available in the display cabinet ranges from savoury, such as quiche to sweets such as cakes and waffles which all complement the wonderful varieties of coffee available.

I decided on the waffles and have no problem saying they were some of the best I’ve had. On my second visit a few days later, I had one of the quiches which I truly did enjoy. I am looking forward to going back and trying something different and of course another coffee flavour.

One of the advantages of visiting Simply Beans is you can try any of the blends available. If you really like one or more of these blends then you can purchase those that suit your taste buds to have as much as you wish in the comfort of your own home.

Sharing your Simply Beans coffee at home with a friend is an awesome experience, if you want to share that is, or just take your best friend for a coffee at a great café to save your own beans. Now by best friend I don’t mean your dog as I don’t believe they are pet friendly.

What is friendly though is the staff. You will find them more than capable to help you select a coffee blend to suit your tastebuds on the day and with the extensive training they have had, they will always make a great coffee.

Simply Beans can be found in the South Park complex at 10 Compton Road Underwood. They also have a Facebook page and an informative web page that is well worth a look.

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