By Gail McKenzie McKinnon

This month I decided to go to the source off fine coffee. Where is that you ask? Why Simply Beans Espresso Bar and Roasters of course. We did a story back in September 2018, Issue 8, on Simply Beans so a visit was well overdue. I was really looking forward to see what changes have occurred in the last two years.

When I pulled up in front I was thinking yes it’s a little different, but walking inside was a lovely surprise. The smell of coffee (so good) but I really loved the lay out. Lots of room to sit and such a relaxing atmosphere.

The menu has also been upgraded since my last visit; remember it has been a couple of years for me. My husband ordered a pizza and I had waffles and of course coffee, just as expected the food and coffee exceptional. 

I found myself feeling very calm while sitting eating my lunch. I realized that I didn’t have to raise my voice to be heard plus the music was just the right level of sound so you can hear and enjoy it, which I find a problem in many other venues.  

I looked around the café and noticed a group of ladies doing craft, what a lovely place to meet with friends with a common interest.

Simply Beans Pizza

The great thing about Simply Beans is not just the food and lovely staff, it’s the coffee. They have a very large range to enjoy. You can choose from strong to mild, and everything in between. So just ordering a coffee is an experience you wouldn’t have at many other cafés.

I got out of my comfort zone and tried something different and I recommend that you do the same. The staff has the expertise in this department with assistance to temp your taste buds.

Simple Beans also have classes on the art of preparing and serving coffee. Take a class and show of your skills as a Barista. They also sell the coffee and machines plus whatever you need to become a coffee genius.

This is the last issue for 2020 and I would like to thank everyone for reading my little stories which I hope you enjoy. Please be safe over the coming holiday session. We will see you in the new year with more exciting food gossip.

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