By David McKenzie McKinnon

Considering I have been writing reviews on eateries such as cafes for a few years now and was surprised I had not heard anything about Stellarossa cafes.

Stellarossa cafes are a franchise and there are several in Logan City. These cafes are individually owned and operated and clearly dedicated to great food and service.

So not knowing anything about them, I was surprised when it was suggested I should visit the café in Yarrabilba. I don’t usually go to Yarrabilba as I don’t have friends there and thought it was a bit new to have a café, but I am very pleased to have followed this recommendation.

Not only does this café have a very pleasing atmosphere but the service is impressive and the staff very friendly. They make you feel welcome the moment you walk through the door.

Their barista’s are well trained to serve up Stellarossa’s unique 5-star blend coffee which is ethically sourced Arabica beans direct from farmers around the world. Once a month the Stellarossa cafe’s showcase a single origin coffee chosen by the company’s experienced tasters. For those of us who love our coffee and like to try something different every now and again can enjoy the opportunity to taste them.

The café has a day, night and takeaway menu ranging from eggs benedict, burgers and pizzas but it’s too comprehensive to name all here. There is also a great range of sweet treats to keep everyone happy. Personally I feel the food is unforgettable and compliments the coffee as intended.

While on my first visit I did try the coffee but also indulged in one of their house-made soda punch drinks for which I was very impressed with the choice I made. They also do a large range of flavours in these plus a variety of other cold drinks which I will be happy to return to try.

The café has indoor and some outdoor dining and cater well for kids and not just with the menu.

Stellarossa café can be found at 2-24 Waldron Street Yarrabilba.

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