By David McKenzie McKinnon

It’s been a few years since I have visited The Pantry HQ Cafe in Springwood so I decided it was time I did again.

I thought because the cafe has such an interesting and peaceful atmosphere that I would write this article while in the cafe rather than take notes and do it at home. 

The cafe has seating for twelve people inside and approximately 30 on the veranda. The current owners have been operating this cafe for five years and have a good reputation and large following if the reviews are anything to go by.

Like almost all cafe’s not all reviews will be great, but if they had and issues they certainly addressed them and the food and the service is outstanding.

The main menu is what you would expect from a good cafe with fish and chips, burgers, wraps and more. Breakfast menu is pancakes, eggs benedict, omelettes and other interesting choices. Drinks are coffee, frapes, milkshakes and everything else you come to expect in a cafe. It is quite an extensive menu overall.

The Pantry HQ Cafe is a great place to bring friends, family or simply coming in for a bit to eat or coffee on your own. It is relaxing and you won’t feel rushed so it’s a great setting to sit around and enjoying the company of friends, or a newspaper.

You can’t usually judge a cafe’s food on a breakfast wrap and a coffee but I found the wrap to be exceptional and as good if not better than most; my coffee was hot enough without having to request it to be hotter. One of my biggest dislikes in cafes is getting a lukewarm coffee and it’s cold before you get half way though. 

Long before the current owners took over the cafe space, it had a few different owners and for me the food and service as always been good. The first couple who ran it were accountants looking for a change but regardless of who has run it the cafe and the building itself has a charm all of its own.

It’s great to see that the feeling of the building has flowed on into the cafe and presently it is at its best. I read in one review left on the cafes Facebook page “it has all the comfort of relaxing in your own home”. The café, including their toilets, is spotless.

The Pantry has a web page and a Facebook page for those that like to check it out before going.

The Pantry HQ Cafe also does corporate catering which is convenient with so many businesses in the Springwood area.

The Pantry HQ Cafe is located at 18 Dennis Drive Springwood and has plenty of safe off street parking.

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