By David McKenzie McKinnon

I imagine that most people in and around the City of Logan and particularly Beenleigh would know of the Beenleigh Historical Village and Museum. If you have been to the Historical Village you certainly would be aware of the cafe that’s in the old railway station building and if not then I’m hoping to make you aware of its existence.

The railway station had been operating as a cafe for as long as I can remember but it has been years since my family visited the village and the café. Back then it operated under the name “The Village Cafe” but I now under new management and operates as The Tin Cup Cafe.

I am always asking for suggestions from friends about their favourite cafe’s and also Living in Logan loves getting suggestions and feedback from readers who are just like our friends. One of the most mentioned cafe’s from my contacts has been the Tin Cup Cafe so naturally I headed there as soon as I could.

My wife and I arrived at the Historical Village already aware that the cafe sits central in the village. If you are only going to the cafe you can drive in with plenty of parking, however while there, you may wish to take a look around the rest of the village. If you do, be sure to stop at the office on the left just inside the gate and they will be happy to take a donation which goes towards the saving and restoration of some wonderful history.

When you get to the cafe you are greeted with a beautiful restored building and a magnificent verandah. They can cater for large groups due to the size of the verandah and the large number of tables with plenty of room so it doesn’t feel crowded when busy.

On arrival, as usual, we checked out the menu and the selection for breakfast and lunch would have something for everyone including vegetarian choices. We ordered the pancakes with the maple syrup but added bacon; I have to say it was some of the best bacon have had.

The coffee was hot and just how I like it and the service and friendly reception from the staff was impressive. Instead of just going to a table and waiting for out breakfast, we decided to have a quick browse through the small art gallery in another old restored building at the end of the verandah.

We were welcomed in and shown around by one of the many local artists who display their art and of course the art is for sale. I was particularly impressed by the abstract artworks of Ric Connors who was nice enough to show us the gallery.

Now with our food and coffee ordered we didn’t spend much time in the gallery and as we walked back to the cafe our order was making its way to table so that was good timing on our part.

The cafe like the rest of the village has a wonderful atmosphere and it was nice to not only eat in a historical setting but to also receive old style and friendly service.

I would imagine that being an old railway station that a lot of people spent a lot of time waiting for trains, maybe not so different to now besides there very little waiting for your order to arrive.

I think a visit to the Tin Cup Cafe with the new management and a much improved menu will impress.

I know I will be going back and next time will take the time to look around the village and of course after looking I’ll be heading back to the cafe to try more of the great food and coffee on offer. I hope you get the chance to go to 205 Main Street Beenleigh and enjoy what is a great way to spend some time relaxing and reliving history and be able to appreciate the work that goes into preserving this wonderful place.

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